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It’s not any easier the second morning. Seeing the cover picture of the NYT today…reading words I never thought I’d see ~ “President-elect Trump”… reading that it was WHITE WOMEN that turned this election over to Trump, not the forgotten, angry, unemployed, under-educated, over-medicated, working class, suicidal white men….

I am bereft, unmoored.

This feels to me like the days right after 9/11. When I walked down Northern Blvd. to the Y yesterday for my swim, it was ghostly quiet. The corners where the day laborers hang out were empty. A few years ago, when trying to find a safe corner to traverse after an ice storm, it was two Latino day laborers who picked me up and set me right when I nearly fell into traffic. The women wearing hijabs, with their children in tow, looked at me and looked away when I smiled at them.
I want to tell every one of them that I AM NOT ONE OF THE WHITE WOMEN WHO CAUSED THIS.
I am in grief.

But I want to fight back. Here’s a tool:
Since our nation’s new ethos is pure materialism, the best way to fight back the forces of evil is financial. The new lingua franca of America is pure greed.
If we hit back the forces of evil in their greedy pockets, perhaps our voices will be heard.

Join the Injustice Boycott.
PLEASE sign up, and please share this information.  Help this boycott go coast to coast.

And if you think what happened on Tuesday was good, or right, or a proper result for this country, I cordially invite you to drop your subscription to this blog. If we were friends, we aren’t any more.

Nothing less than the future of the world is at stake.

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