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So, I know you remember what my friend Peg Streep and I started working on last year. I talked about it here and here.

In case you don’t remember — We have come up with a growing collection of graphic quotes that we call “Pithies”. You know the memes you see all over the internet, that presume to give you advice or make observations, sometimes spiritual, sometimes psychological, and usually accompanied by mundane and cliched pictures? We wanted to reinvent that. We wanted to combine smart advice, grounded in neuroscience and psychology, with a spiritual bent, good writing, and thoughtful, interesting imagery. We call them “Pithies” because we are offering more substance than your average meme.

Peg does the writing, and I do the art and design. We hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labors enough to want to share them with your friends and families. VERY SOON, we’re going to be launching an online storefront with pretty and useful things featuring our Pithies.

Just to remind you what we’ve done so far, here’s a glimpse. You can see more on my Facebook fan page and Peg’s FB Author Page, as well as catching up with the other things we work on independently. You should check out Peg’s Psychology Today blog “Tech Support”, too, where she writes about relationship issues in the digital age.

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