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One year ago today, this is where I was and what I was doing:

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….and one year later, three students from our total cohort of sixty-two
have graduated from trade school and are working in their chosen fields,
ten more have attended at least one semester of college and will continue in the fall, and five more are scheduled to start college in September.

Meanwhile, Flushing YMCA YouthBuild’s funding expired at the end of May,
all of staff are laid off and waiting to hear about the next round of grants
(any day now),
while staff tries to keep our graduates on track for college and careers,
on our own time.

Wasn’t what I just showed you and told you worthy of our federal tax dollars?
We’d REALLY like to be doing this again, just as soon as we can.

All of us, staff and students, have truly fallen into the Hand of God,
and I hope He keeps us all safe, healthy, and on track.

Peace. Out.
(to be continued, we hope…)

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