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I’ve always loved that parable, the one where the good and faithful servant gets what he truly deserves; he has labored hard, been effective and efficient in his role, been a good steward of his Master’s resources. He is getting his golden ticket; being promoted Upstairs, by the Biggest Boss. It is essentially fair to be able to reap and to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors.

Don’t you wish real life, I mean daily life, were really like that? I tend to take the long view of things– mostly, life consists of three steps forward and one or two or sometimes three or even ten steps back. Still, almost always, progress of one sort or another is made in the long run.

It is most discouraging when one has given one’s all, to the point of exhausting oneself and one’s resources (but not one’s patience) and found nothing but a black hole where the end of the rainbow is.

I am steady, I am patient, I am dogged, persistent, tenacious, even stubborn; I do not give up. But I do get discouraged when full effort just means that everyone else’s needs are fulfilled while those of us who made it happen are left standing alone.

I have faith that the Biggest Boss will see the essential unfairness of the situation (which is not an individual one) and reward His good and faithful servants who have labored hard, and continue to do so, who have been effective and efficient, who have been good stewards of resources. I just hope it doesn’t take too long. It is essentially unfair, when it would take not very much at all to make it all right.

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