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I find such comfort in the concept of a God who knows me by name and cares for me as a Father cares for his child. While the Old Testament God can be truly fearsome, the aspect of God portrayed in David’s Psalm puts a picture in my mind’s eye of a loving Father leading His toddler by the hand; He is filled with love for His precious child, and delights in her explorations and discoveries, all the while keeping her safe from harm.

The adult me knows that this simple picture is too simple for life as it is lived today, and that God is more complex than my most vivid imaginings could ever conjure up. I am soothed by that simple picture nonetheless. It’s an ideal, and a sense memory of when I really was tiny and helpless and led and protected by a loving (earthly) father; it’s a touchstone for those days when doubt or sadness or anxiety plague me. I am comforted by the knowledge that always and forever, I will be cared for and loved.

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