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The verses I selected for the pages of the Illuminations desk calendar come from a daily devotional from the 19th century entitled Daily Strength for Daily Needs. edited by Mary W. Tileston. My friend and partner in so many projects, Peg Streep, curated a selection of verses from Mrs. Tileston’s book for Bulfinch Press that I illustrated, now (sadly) out of print. Many of the artworks in this daily calendar are excerpted from Peg’s and my version of Daily Strength for Daily Needs: An Illuminated Selection. These sunrise/sunset illuminations are two of those artworks.

I find a great deal of comfort in the idea that the Lord is aware of my comings and goings, and that He watches out for me while I am out in the world. I feel safe in the knowledge that I am cared for, even while distracted and perhaps unaware of His presence in the course of my daily wanderings. We are under a winter storm warning as I write this; it makes me feel secure to think that my “going out and coming in” is regarded with loving attention by Him who made me.



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