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I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!
2014 sounds almost like a science fiction Star Date to me…this is the year I will turn 60; I remember when 1984 sounded like a science fiction Star date to me, and now that is (almost literally) half a lifetime ago for me. My resolutions are simple:

  1. Lose 30 lbs. by year’s end. (It will make resolution #2 easier…)
  2. Swim a mile and half in laps at one time by my 60th birthday. (For those who don’t know: I made my mile in laps one week after my birthday! WOOT!!)
  3. Swim at least twice a week. It’s good for my head, my heart, my work, and my art.
  4. Draw something every day.
  5. Blog something every day.
    It’ll be easier this year, because what I plan to do is post the day’s page from my page-a-day desk calendar, Illuminations, published by Leap Year LLC.
    Here’s the cover:

    IIluminations 2014 Desk Calendar

    IIluminations 2014 Desk Calendar

    And here’s today’s page:


January 1, 2014 ~ New Year’s Day

So, those are MY resolutions…I’m trying to keep it simple, doable, and well-integrated into the infrastructure of my life as it is, but incorporating more of the things that make me truly happy. One of the true gifts of 2013 was discovering how much I still loved drawing, and to discover that I hadn’t lost my drawing “chops” even though it had been a reallllllly looooooong time since I last picked up a pencil/pen/conte crayon with intent to draw. I never lost my drawing eye, and I guess I’ve been training it all this time.

I plan to LIVE OUT LOUD in 2014! What about you?

What are your resolutions for 2014? And how are you going to make it all happen? Was there something that really worked for you in 2013?
Please share… we can support each other in our intentions to build on successes and throw away what doesn’t work any more.


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