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All Valentine’s Day cards are 40% off at Zazzle from now until Thursday.
I have lowered prices on everything in my shop
to encourage more people to buy.
All cleared royalties earned by all of my products (not just the Valentines)
will be donated to Hurricane Sandy recovery and rebuilding efforts
in New York and New Jersey
from now
until the first anniversary of the storm, October 29, 2013.

Please share and shop!
The storm isn’t over for thousands and thousands of people,
whose homes and lives were up-ended and will never be the same.
Click here to visit and shop my Valentine’s Day department.Billet-douxGC

If you’d rather just contribute directly to Hurricane Sandy relief,
that would be GREAT!
Go here to shop off Occupy Sandy’s local gift registries.
Your contribution will not only help people rebuild their homes and lives, but at the same time, you will help rebuild local businesses in affected communities.

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