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Kente Cloth Pattern

There are many things we know, but cannot see; once we have known and/or seen them, we can’t un-see them or un-know them, no matter what other people may require of us.

You may notice if you are a subscriber or a visitor to this blog that there are two posts that you once saw, and now can’t see. There is a purpose to their being hidden, and I apologize that I am not able to say more.

They are hidden, but have not disappeared; they will be visible again as soon as I can reveal them. It may be a few months from now; it may be a year.

Just as you can’t un-read those posts (if you read them), and I can’t un-write them, no one can rewind time so that what I wrote about never happened. It happened, all right, and it changed me, and all the people directly involved, and lots of people who only just heard or watched what was once here for anyone to see.

If you didn’t read or see, I apologize to you for being cryptic. Although I have to hide (temporarily) what I wrote, I can’t hide what I feel and think and know is real and true.

The world can sometimes be an unfair and cruel place, and kind and gentle people can be horribly misused.
My unencrypted message is:

Peace, out.


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