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IPCeruleanKnotworkGoldToday was just a REALLY GOOD day.
My students’ stipend checks were ready. I went into the city to pick them up,
and I got to distribute them before they left for the day.
I’d worked late on Christmas Eve to get them submitted early enough so that I’d have a shot at having them the day they came back from Christmas break.
That was yesterday, so my Plan A didn’t work;
I was so happy when I got the email at 8:45 this morning
that they were ready and I could come get them.
I waited until Morning Circle was over to walk into the Assembly Room to let my director know I was going into the city. He saw me in my coat and scarf, smiled and called out, “AO?” (meaning Administrative Office, where the checks are cut). I nodded. One of our students said  “Leaving so soon?”
“And you’ll be so happy when I get back!” I said.
So the word was out.

Happy students, happy Claud, happy life.

Today was just a REALLY GOOD day.


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