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GC-NewYearsWell, 2012 has been quite the eventful year. I’m really looking forward to this wonderful shiny new 2013, mostly because 2012 was SO awesome I can hardly wait to see what this brand new year has in store.
I’ve set some goals for myself for the coming year, and have already started on several of them.

  • I commit to writing something for this blog– even it’s only one line– every single day for the next 365 days.
  • I commit to continue on the path I started last January when I joined the Y to learn how to swim. I’ve signed up for Advanced Swimming classes with my teacher, Eddie Langer. I’ll be learning  the butterfly stroke, bilateral breathing, and working on my form for my other four strokes. Eddie is a GREAT teacher, and I’m happy to be working with him again.
  • I will take up strength training to help me with my kick. That should be fun!
  • My goal is to lose 40 lbs. in 2013. I lost 25 lbs. in 2012.
  • My friend Peg Streep and I want to bring Grandmother’s Gift back to the marketplace this year. That was the best-selling memory book that we did in the late 90s for C. R. Gibson. It sold 250,000+ copies while it was in print. It fell between the cracks when C. R. Gibson was sold, and resold, and sold yet again to new parent companies. We reverted the rights, and will either place it with a new publisher or self-publish. I’ve already started scanning the art, and will be working on the redesign over the winter and into the spring.
  • I want to complete my first draft of Missing Dad by the end of the year. You can read some excerpts of what I’ve got so far, starting here.
  • I want to update and reformat The Warrior Queen’s Guide to Copyright, Contracts and Negotiation and self-publish through both e-books and print-on-demand. I’ll publicize and promote through social media, like this blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

My plans for this new year are ambitious. The most important thing to me, more important than the goals I’ve listed, is to be mindful and reflective while I am working toward those goals, and to measure my progress toward them by means that are less material and more spiritual.
I want more than anything for my heart to be open. I want to do everything I do with an eye to a greater purpose, one of service to the world.
I want my work to be a form of prayer. I want those prayers to be “Open my heart” and “Not my will, but Thine be done”. It sounds counterintuitive to say “I want (whatever)” and at the same time to ask that my wants be subordinate to God’s will. It is and it isn’t. I know that I have most often found joy when I stopped looking for it and let it find me.

This past year, I found a vocation when I stopped looking for a job; actually, it found me while I was looking for the new pool schedule at the Y. This past year, things started falling into place when I stopped trying to make them fit. I got a message from the universe, SIMPLY BE, and I simply was, and am, and am the happier for doing so.

This is a threshhold I am standing on, a door to a new room I’ve never before entered. My plan is to walk through it, head held high, heart held open, and just do the very best I can.
I wish and hope the same for you.
Happy New Year! Be brave, be joyous, be open, and love as much as you can, with every breath you take.


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