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Kathy Eynon’s blog is a treasure trove of great information and resources for caregivers. If you’re a caregiver, you’ll want to follow her blog.

On The Journey With Coach Kathy

Trying to make a determination about the kind of care your loved one may need is a very personal decision.  Many factors play into that decision:  your parent’s wishes, the financial resources, the support systems available, proximity of family members, the availability and willingness of those family members to help, the living arrangements, your parent’s overall health and mental state, and many more.  Two families with seemingly similar circumstances will likely come to two very different decisions.

One of the biggest decisions comes when it is clear that your loved one needs help.  While you may be able to assist your loved one in some ways, providing day-to-day care can very quickly become an overwhelming task.  Once you make the decision to seek some help, you will need to take some time to sort through the options.

The two most common options that people consider initially when this happens is…

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