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Simply Be.Tao Wheels
About a year ago, I started to get these really cute clothing catalogs from a British company called Simply Be. I get a lot of catalogs. The post office is still operating six days a week on the strength of the number of catalogs I get.

It didn’t occur to me to think it was a message from the universe, even though I am very much given to the notion that the things that happen in my daily life contain such messages. I am always attuned, always on the lookout, not wanting to miss any of them, ever.

Then, about a week ago, right across the street from me, on the second floor of the vertical mini-mall, directly opposite my second floor window, a new shop opened in the space vacated by the store that used to build and sell custom shoji screens. The new shop hung their new store sign last weekend.
SIMPLY BE is the name of the new store.

Okay, NOW it’s a message. And I need and want to listen, and heed it.

I can overcomplicate things. I’m trying hard to stop doing that. I’m trying to take the big things that are in front of me– the biggest one being, What is the next act in the play that is my life? Where do I go from here?— and let go of anxiety and fear, and YES, SIMPLY BE.

SwimminTao Wheelsg helps, a lot. Now that I’m doing laps (every other day this week, a solid hour of my optimal set, no breaks!), swimming is almost meditative. I concentrate on my form, rather than on speed. I count my strokes, back and forth across the pool.
I don’t think of anything else; when other thoughts encroach, I tell them to come back later, this is swimming time.

I’ve always gravitated toward activities that demand singular focus; creating art, singing, cooking, crocheting, writing– I lose myself, I tap into something bigger, I become part of Creation itself in the act of creating. Swimming has added a physical component to what–until now– has been primarily either a cerebral or a spiritual experience for me.
When I swim, and I focus on form and rhythm, the world falls away.

When I get home from the pool, I set up my wet things on my drying rack just outside my studio, by the window that faces on Northern Boulevard. When I look out that window, the first thing I see is a sign.
That sign says: SIMPLY BE.

How does the universe speak to you?
Please share your experiences!

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