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This article in today’s NYT Dining section gave me food for thought (sorry, couldn’t resist!). What would the experience of eating be if approached with mindful consideration, if one took the time and made the effort to really taste the different flavors present, feel the textures, appreciate the colors of what is on the plate or in the bowl, to experience all of this in silence?

We live in an always-on, always-connected world; constant distraction is our default state of being. How much more would we enjoy our food if we truly immersed ourselves in the various sensual stimuli that food itself provides?

My plan for dinner tonight is a pot of chick-pea soup, with a plenitude of roasted root vegetables and kale and parsley stirred in. I’m going to make the preparation of this meal a mindful act, and the consumption of it a mindful act as well. I want to see for myself how changing me changes the experience.